Monday, March 16, 2009

Friends Tour 6.0


Patti and are having a great time in Michigan.  We've been seeing all kinds of cool Michigan things, meeting great people,  eating insanely amazing food, and talking to people about the kids in China.  What more can you ask for??

Today we spent the afternoon/evening with my friends, the Haleys.  While waiting for a ride from Seth, we bummed around Target and found multiple things to amuse ourselves with -- not the mention all the important shopping we got done!

We decided to have our own little sunglass-fashion show.  Which do you like best??

- Huge -

- Aviators - 

\ Crooked /
- Highschool Musical -
(my personal favs!)

On Sunday we went to our host's church, Crossroads.  People from all different walks of life were sharing how God is using them at their 'street corner' - the place God has placed them to minister.  It was such an encouragement and the worship that was sprinkled all throughout was just what I needed!

I was stuck with what the pastor said.  He said the problem with America is that we are a bored people.  His reason for this was so powerful and true.

We are bored because we have bought into the American dream and when that doesn't deliver, we become bored.  And despair follows boredom.  When your life is turned over to Jesus Christ, it is an exciting adventure.

I am so blessed to be part of this adventure!


the great excavation said...

Ha, got ya now... when you said check your blog like two seconds after I commented, you were serious.... ya know, I should go to bed. cuz' I have to get up at 7-ish tomarrow..... I want a facebook....=D Goodtimes... K, now I'm coming over to see you on FB!!! By blogger land... Mikarooooo

Kathy said...

I love Grand Rapids! C'mon, rent a car and come down for a really cool concert on Saturday night! You are just a few hours away from here!

--kait said...

i like this, all of it.
the pictures, the message, YOU TWO!

ps i like the high school musical ones the best too!


~Tori~ said...
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Amanda said...

Hey could you go to Sherwin Williams and tell my brother hi for me. ! Thanks That is my home state. :( Im jealous

~Tori~ said...

We loved Grand Rapids when we were there! So much fun....

Love the sunglasses fashion show! They all are very chic! =)