Friday, March 27, 2009

Today's Activities

Get up.

Cough and eat cough drops.

Drive one kid to school on a 76 passenger bus.

Cough and eat cough drops.

Go on four deliveries with Dad... only sitting in the truck napping, coughing, eating cough drops, etc.

Answer emails at the Java House while listening to the live music.

Cough and eat cough drops.

Eat warmed up chili in the truck for lunch.

Cough and eat cough drops.

Drive a bunch of kids from two schools to their homes.

Cough, eat cough drops and try to stay on the road.

Go on one last delivery with Dad.

Eat supper with the fam at the Brown Bottle restaurant.

Cough and eat cough drops.

Go to bed.  (Try to get better.)

* I never realized trying to get better is such a tiring, full time job!


Carm said...

Aw! You are not sick are you? ;(

Did you get Patti's cold, or is this something else?

I am sorry to hear it. Feel better soon please!

the great excavation said...

Well that sure stinks Nic! what a bummer. But did you really have enough room for the chili & the brown bottle with all the cough drops you ate? Cause from the looks you ate a lot=D Love ya, Miss ya, Mik

Olivia Coy said...

Oh dear, you poor thing! There are these cough drops {It think they are made by Halls} and they are called Natural Soothers...or somthing close to that. They have peach ones and then they have honey in the center. You might be able to find them at Walmart.

Kristen said...

Aww, feel better soon!!

Sarah Grace said...

I went to see Sound of Music yesterday (my friend was in it as Maria) and when they got to the cuckoo clock part I was trying not to laugh and then I miss you and Patti so much and yeah...
Like oh my word like yeah. Like... I miss you like so bad!

Bethany said...

poor dear!!


Hoping you are well soon!