Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Ranch

So here's the first installment of The Ranch documentary... for those of you who don't know what that is, you need to watch so you have a better idea of why I'm moving to China...

I would humbly ask you, is there anyone who is willing to be a part of this project by supporting my trip?  It takes a lot of money to fly to China and live there for six months, and three of those months I will also be supporting my two orphan buddies and translator.

I know that God has a thousand ways to answer my prayer for funds and so I can't wait to watch Him provide.  If you feel like you are able to help in this area, you can see below a few options:

I need the following monthly supporters to cover the costs during the 6 months:

20 ppl - $10 monthly

10 ppl - $25 monthly

6 ppl - $50 monthly

4 ppl - $100 monthly

I also need one-time supporters with gifts of any amount.

If you are willing to join me in the adventure by financial support, you can email me for details.  


Thank you.

1 comment:

Keisha Suzanne said...

Oh my sweet sister in the Lord. I'm praying for you and so glad to finally be able to check out your blog and read a bit of who you are and what God is using you to do for His kingdom.
I wish you the best of luck in the future and with your ministry.
I'm fund-raising at this same point in time and God finally reminded me that he holds ALL the money$$ in the world and he can give it and take it away in the blink of an eye.... BUT PRAYER is not his to give... so I have focused more on PRAYER support and I'm trying to trust God to provide the rest as He sees fit.
Go get em!