Monday, March 16, 2009

Long Lost Pals

Today is one to go down in history.  I finally got to meet our friends the Haley's.  Our ties go back a long way when we first met Mr. Haley here and then Dad and the boys saw them again here.

This afternoon was my first time to meet Mrs. Haley and the kids after Mr. Haley stayed at our house 12 years ago.  They had the most incredible hospitality, smiles and food!

Crazy stuff, huh?  I love all the adventures that God's throws into our path.  

So yeah, today was pretty much amazing fun with the newest family I have fallen in love with!

* I heart you guys!!


the great excavation said...

That is awesome. Wow, it really is a small world=D Love, mik

Olivia Coy said...

Oh my word....I thought you already knew them all in person long before you all had blogs!!! Crazy.