Wednesday, January 20, 2010

:: baking in our igloo ::

We had a big ice storm this morning so I decided to be house-wifely and make a lot of baked stuffs.

We pulled out all kinds of ingredients and several hours later had four loaves of {french bread}, two loaves of {cinnamon} bread and a big {apple cake}.

iowan cooking show

apple cake

:: pop 'er in ::

{apple} cake

Anyone want to come over for some yummies??


Amos said...

I will! or even better you could bring some to me :D

Anonymous said...

That first picture is so amazing it makes me wanna cry!!! *big grin* Are you kidding?!?! MEEEEEEEEE!!!! I want some...
Love you!

Patti said...

Are you kidding? If I didn't have it on good authority that you are iced into your house, I would be there! Food + Me = Happiness. And a Happy Patti = Happy World


Peace amid the storm said...

can i come?!?! :)

Seth Haley said...

YOU decided? you mean it wasn't Grace's idea?