Friday, January 8, 2010

Current Location: Fallbrook, California

Operation {Surprise Bethany} : SUCCESS

{Bow Ber}


LocaChica said...

I really like the new blog look. You and your sisters are soo beautiful :)

tiff said...

i thought i was at the wrong blog. lol!
very shweet amos! very uber shweet!


Living Out Loud said...

Haha!!! Oh my word! So did I. (thought I was at the wrong blog.) It's very cute. Love your verse. Yea, I know, it's always been there, never really stuck out til I read it in my bible today. heh. So aborableee cute! I miss you Nic. I really like the color. My fav:-D Awesomeness! Ok, I'll be done now :P I 'heart' You Nic!

Annie said...

What a beautiful photo of you two! It was so great to meet you! I had been wanting to for a while. Hopefully I'll get to see you again. Do you edit your pictures? If so, what do you use? One more question...what type of camera was this taken on? I really need a new camera and don't have any idea what to get. Oh, more question. :) How do you get your photos so big on your posts. Mine won't do that even when I upload "large".

Jason Bolt said...

Hey Annie, This was taken on my Canon XSI with a 17-85mm
To get them larger you have to upload them to photobucket and upload your photos to blogger from there