Monday, January 18, 2010


Morgan said...

ahhhaaaahahaha! that is GREAT! "nicole can't fit in here..."
glad to be updated! I'd love to see more pictures of China when life allows.

My Bright Corner said...

You are HILARIO!!! And...a great babysitter {I'm assuming}. And HELLO, NICOLE'S PRINCE CHARMING {is that what you referred to him as?} get WTIH THE PICTURE! This is an EMERGENCY!

You're great! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome video!.. and I totally agree w/ MY Bright Corner. your Prince Charming better get w/ it and slay those dragons!! We don't want to lose you, nicole!

Living Out Loud said...

OH MY WORD! This is SOOO cracking me up. Holy cow! You are one hilarious ball of fun Nicki. My gut is officially busted. Ha. Mitchell is so funny. I remember the week I helped babysit him...haha. Good to know you are still safe. Love love love it!
Luv ya