Monday, January 25, 2010


:: At the staff summit, we played like big kids before working like adults ::

Sometimes I shock myself with doing stupid things. For example: taking a zip-line across a massive pond overgrown with {huge} lilly pads. They strapped some pathetic replica of a harness on us...

We climbed the rusty, rickety tower...

And went bouncing across the pond.

We also rented go-carts and I was a blaze of lightning around the track. Ok, not really.

To top the night off, we celebrated our country's day of {freedom} Once again I shocked myself by lighting a {massive} round of fireworks. They were the REAL DEAL and I felt so proud of my skills.


LocaChica said...

Fun post!! I always enjoy your humor, and the pics, too, of course :)

Living Out Loud said...

Haha. Those are some {Huge} lily pads!!! That looks amazingly fun. And....crazy. huh.

Patti said...

Pictures can never really do that experience justice: bouncing down those muddy back roads as our mopeds literally fell apart beneath us...the zipline that dangled us perilously close to the surface of the pond (who knows what was in there. Bodies anyone? around that gokart track like Nascar drivers at risk of life and limb :) You really had to be there. So...come to China everyone! Crazy fun guaranteed!

Sarah Grace said...

i adore that first picture of you and patti!!! ahhhhh i I MISSSS you both!
heart u!