Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friends Tour 1.0


Here we are having a bonding moment with our amazing host family, the Mahoney's.

My BFFN , Amanda Varnell, from the great state of Cali.  She's my right hand women on this trip.  

Our beautiful tour guide, Megan, took us to Lake Waconia.  It was Amanda inaugural walk on water.

It's been an amazing 48 hours...
- - - - 

* You only get this if you're a Chmelar.


the great excavation said...

Ok, so what's this you'll ony get this if you're a Chmelar thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? Please, I'm really confused. It makes me feel like I should be laughing cause there's a joke behind it or a good story that I just don't know... So looks like your having a wonderful trip! See ya later, Mik

tiff said...

i don't get the chmelar thing either. lol. but im still laughing.

miss ya nic.

tiff said...

A HAHAHAHAHAHA A HAHAHAHAHA A HAHAHAHA. ok im done laughing. that's funny! i get it now.

love ya.

Anonymous said...

What the heck, I still don't get it...or are you just joking....? Tiffany, help me!!!!! What does it mean??? YOu had it on your blog too... Hey, great idear,. how 'bout we all say that at the end of our post's..... That could be rediculas=D. Mickey

Kristen said...

Hey Nicole and Amanda! I'm glad things are going so well!

Nic, can I pull those photos for the bmh blog? Also, if you get a sec, give me a call sometime during your trip if you can! Loved talking with you the other day!