Monday, February 16, 2009

You know you have issues -

when you consume an entire box of fruit gushers in less than seven hours.

That's a freakishly large number of calories... 540 to be exact.

You may not recognize me when I get home.  But I sure did enjoy each gush-y bite!!

- - - 

Amanda's and my theme for this week in Minnesota:
'A moment on the lips is an eternity on the hips'


My Bright Corner said...

Gushers are sooooooo yummy!

Where are ya'll at in MN? I'm a little familiar with Minneapolis. Have a marvelous trip!

the great excavation said...

ou crack me up. That is just too funny!You didn't have to go shopping for new clothes did you? =D That theme of your's & Amanda's is purty hawaioth! Love, Mik

Olivia Coy said...

Oh I forgot about fruit gushers. They are sooo good. So we won't blame you for eating the whole box! lol. ;-P