Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friends Tour 3.0


The Bring Me Hope team has arrived in the grand country of Canada.  We were welcomed by a gorgeous snow 'storm' and warm hugs from our friends Bethany and Sharon Anderson.

So far our 24 hours in the country has consisted of sleeping, eating and seeing the amazing Lake Ontario from the comfort of our heated car seats.

David and I have been catching up on emails and other odd things from our new satellite office in the ship-themed basement of our host's home.

So... tomorrow will be the big kick-off for the 2009 Canada Friends Tour!!

Stay tuned for pictures and stories of the adventure...


Amanda Varnell said...

Ah! I am so excited for you guys! Hope you have as much fun in Canada as we did in Minnesota ;-)

the great excavation said...

I hope you had a good flight Nic! You are very much a world traveler!!! Have a great rest you're trip. Mik

Anonymous said...

Nicole I am soo happy you could come here!
I've really enjoyed our girl talks and I look forward to seeing how the Lord leads us this week.
Can't wait! :)

Rodney Gehman said...

Hey Nicole!

I don't know where in the world you are at this point (haha!) but if you do make it past our house ever again, we have a gift certificate for you that you won in our blog contest. We actually went to the new coffee shop in Kalona and got the GC's for that instead of Starbucks. So, either someone can pick them up, or send us your address and we'll get them out to you. :) I know, the contest was forever ago, and we've had the GC's for awhile too, but were gone again and never contacted you.

Hope all is well...

tiff said...

hey nic,

don't worry about it we'll pick the gc up. hehe! you know how much i just LOVE coffee

love you! miss you


Anonymous said...

Hey, Tiff
Can we join you with those GC? I'll have a White Hot Chocolate.

tiff said...

yep. lets plan to pick up th gc tomorrow morning. we'll have a grand time!


Anonymous said...

Take me with you!!!!!! HEHE Mik