Friday, February 20, 2009

We had dinner tonight with our friends the Tan's.  Their entire family volunteered at both camps this summer.  

We spent a lot of time retelling the stories from the summer, laughing, eating, laughing, telling stories, and laughing.  I'm sure the Chinese in the restaurant thought we had escaped from an insane asylum.

We were served a very Chinese-y Chinese meal which included, but was not limited to, Peking Duck, Jellyfish, Pork, Chicken, and Fish.

Here is the waitress carving the skin off the whole, cooked duck.
(She was carving right behind my chair.  When I saw it out of the corner of my eye, I was tempted to not even look for fear of what I would see.)

The duck skin was eaten in little corn tortilla shells with a sweet sauce and onions.

After serving the duck skin, they took the naked duck back to the kitchen and this is how it returned.  Finely diced with little veggie pieces to be eaten with the sweet sauce and wrapped up in lettuce blankets.

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the great excavation said...

Well, I'm not so sure about the duck, jellyfish or fish..... but I can handle the beef & pork=D Don't call me wimpy, please, I beg of you....;-p But I will admit the last picture looks tasty. Sounds like you had a great night. ya know, with all the escaping from the insane house & eating & laughing & eating thing.....
:-) JK, *smiles*
Love you a lot! Mik