Saturday, February 7, 2009


You know how lame-o it is when you loose your cord to connect your camera to your computer?!

You know how even more lame-o it is when you feel like you have no life worth posting about?!

You know the lame-o-ist thing of all is when you feel like your blog is hitting the tubes faster then you can get it back on track?!

So... in order to try and fix these depressing problems, I am going home after this little trip to town. I'm gonna search high and low through out my room to find that cord. I'm gonna reevaluate my current life status and then I'm gonna try to come back and safe this blog from the black pit of EX-treme boringness.

Until then...


Amanda said...

Hahah Nicole.. You mean to tell me you LOST something?? LOL

I'm still laughing! ;)

Hey, you can always blog about my wonderful 4 girls! That is always a good subject for a blog! :)


Alyssa said...

Here we go again=D I suppose I could find it inmy hear to forgive you. It must be the computer disfunction season. I'm having major problems too!!! I really do hope you find it! Love ya. MIckey

Claudia said...

hey! i don't see how you could ever be do a very good job w/ your blog and it is inspiring how committed you are to the China project and working so hard!!! I'm very very glad I know you and that I will actually get to know you better in a future not too far away.