Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Best of Bargains!

I love shopping! Malls, secondhand stores, grocery stores! Just about anywhere - well, I have my few places I prefer to stay out of... like Menards.

Yesterday, Mom, Tiffany, Grace, Beth, and I went shopping in Iowa City. I got some of the last things on my 'Packing List' for China:
- Tennis Shoes
- The perfect, pink backpack!!! (At a perfect, God-blessed price!)
- Hairpins/bands
- Snacks!
- Cereal
This morning I started packing some of my goods into my suitcase! Whoo-hoo! Things are falling into place! I am getting very excited, but it seems like these last twelve days are going to craaaawl by.
Oh well, I've got lots to keep me busy til then, working, a wedding to play violin for, the Fourth of July, and lots more fun moments with my family before I leave!

One more thing. You also should know about this really, really cute lime-green, high-heel sandals I bought at Target for a really, really good deal! They are so cute, and comfortable might I add - for being high-heels that is! I probably won't be taking them to China, since the Chinese are built closer to the ground. They might look at a 5'9" woman wearing over 2" heels as rather strange. But they were a such great bargain! Only $4.50, compared to the original price of almost $18! (Now that is sooo Proverbs 31!) :)

PS. I can't wait to experience open-air market shopping in Beijing! Now that will be a shopping experience of a lifetime!


Anonymous said...

you are so proverbs 31! thanks for teaching me how to bargain buy! i don't know why i'm commenting on your blog when i could just turn around in my seat and tell you in person! :) hey it's fun! what can i say!
you and mom look like you are having way to much fun so i'm gonna come join you! hee-hee! love ya tons! tiff

rae said...

hi nic,
those shoes are so adorable! i think i might have to go get some. don't eat to much snacks now, okay?

Janene said...

I have those same sandles except that I have them in black and I paid almost full price for them ;) But with my job dressing up is a must ;) Its fun reading your posts! Keep writing!!

Hannah m. said...

Hi Nic,
you are teaching me to bargain buy:) LOL!! And i LOVE the shoes girl!!!!!!
love ya!

betty said...

don't eat all that food at once!!
(just kidding:)
cute shoes............i wish i had a pair!!!
i will really miss you,love beth(betty)