Saturday, July 14, 2007

China Update #1

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I made it to China by fouro'clock Saturday afternoon! The flights went well... though we had adelay in Chicago 'cuz the air was not working! You better believe we werehappy they got it fixed within a half hour and even more happy the air wasworking! I was more than happy to get back on the ground after that 13hour flight... I'm getting ready to eat supper now, so ta-ta for now!


Don said...


Glad to see you made it to China safe and sound! I'll be praying for you on your trip, and I'll try to call Tiff a few times so she won't feel quite so lonely.

Your oldest brother,


Anonymous said...

don thanks for your prayers! i know nicole appreciates them!
your favorite sis, tiff

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it ok Nicole! I thought of you the morning you left & wondered how you were feeling! :-)
How are all the sites & smells & sounds affecting you? Are you on cloud nine?
Blessings to you! Have a great week!

gracita said...

i miss you really bad!!!
i hope that you are having a great time:)i love and miss you,gracita

Anonymous said...

nic... i just want to be with you! i just want this waiting to be over! i just want to be with you and it helps to know the day is getting closer! every minute takes an hour every inch seems like a mile until i don't have to imagine and i finally get to see you smile! i just want to be with you! love you! tiff