Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Story - Part Two

For several years before I graduated, Dad and I talked about how, when I was done with school, we would take a mission trip together. There was an opportunity to go to Kenya to visit Elizabeth, the little girl I sponsor, right after I graduated. It was very expensive and the doors never opened.

Then in the fall of 2007, through my sister's Internet searches for international adoption sites, we found Bring Me Hope. It was all so random you might believe it was only chance... that is unless you believe in my God, who can orchestrate anything! Even Internet searches! They were about to begin a baby bottle campaign to raise money for this summer camp thing they were doing the following summer in China. We filled lots of bottles, along with our friends. During that time, I was invited to help out with the camp in China. We had many discussions concerning the possibility. Mom and Dad prayed. I prayed - a lot! I wanted to go sooo bad, but I also wanted God's will.

One night in particular, I remember journaling this:

"...So, God, I lay everything on the altar once again! It's all yours. The desires are still there, the hope. But I choose to rest in you, be faithful where you have me, and allow you to write the story of my future. I just had to write this tonight - I am so blessed to be in a place of surrender! The joy and peace are so sweet. I know God has a special plan for me and I would hate to mess it up!"

The doors never opened that year. It obviously wasn't the right thing right then. During that time, God taught me a lot about dying to the dreams I had for my life. Letting Him have it all, knowing that He can do a better job with my life than I could!
Surrender is never easy. Neither is sacrifice. But it is the best. It is only out of death, that Jesus can teach us how to truly live!

After that night, I just had to hunker down and do what He had placed in front of me each following day. The ministry He had given me at that time was to the kids in my family, at church, and whoever came across my path. Not the most exciting, but in God's eyes, it's all the same!

So 2006 was another time of my life where God taught me about the joys of surrender. Like I journaled that cold night in January:

"...Will-obedience is the place to live, not just according to how I feel. I am all, ALL His! For His glory alone!"

* * *
"Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it:
except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain."
Psalm 127:1

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