Thursday, July 12, 2007

To Be Specific

Just wanted to let you all know some specific ways you all can pray for me on this trip.

.::Pray for the three kids I will be spending the week with. Ask that we will bond quickly and that I will be able to really connect with their hearts so I can have the greatest ministry potential.
.::Pray for the Chinese student that will help me with Chinese communications during the week. I will be asking him/her pointed questions throughout the week, with hopes of being able to talk about Christianity at the end of the week. Pray that his/her heart will be open and that I would have wisdom to know what questions to ask.
.::Pray for my heart, that God would prepare me for all that I will encounter this week. Pray that I would have a servant's heart. Pray against any spirit of contention or jealousy.
.::Pray for the staff that God would bless the labors of their hands and encourage their hearts.
.::Lastly, but not least, please pray for the health, safety and sanity of the entire team! (smile)

Thanks again!

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Abi Maske said...

We are praying Nicole! We can't wait to hear about your trip and how God used you to help the kids! We love you! Abi