Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Story - Part Three

As the New Year rolled in, I started a new job. I was babysitting two kids in Iowa City, Arnav and Anika. I also had another part time job helping a home school mom from our group. Life was very busy and over the months, I forgot about China. What was the point of trying to go when I had these work commitments?? Life would go on and I decided to just enjoy it!
* * *
Then out of the clear blue sky, I came home from work on April 31 and saw that I had gotten an invitation the join the night walk with Bring Me Hope. Several kids in China were going to be walking to raise awareness of the camp and here in the US, supporters could walk simultaneously with them at night. It was all to raise money for the kids to go to camp through Bring Me Hope

Our night walk in Iowa

We all got excited and wanted to walk on that Saturday night. Ironically, the sign-up date for the walk was the day that we got the letter, but it didn’t really matter. The seeds were planted that got me thinking, could I still go to China??

* * *

Now, exactly 73 days later, I am ready to leave on that trip. I am amazed again and again how when something is God’s will and it’s His time, everything falls so quickly into place! Within 48 hours of asking my parents if there was any possible chance that I might be able to go to China, I was planning to leave. God just caused everything happen! Time off work, the finances to pay for the trip, shots, my passport (right before the major passport rush! Praise God!) prayer and financial support, and so much more.
I was floating on cloud nine for many weeks after I started planning the trip! I could not be happier! It’s amazing having God’s peace and grace in life. It makes it so much more enjoyable.

* * *

I’m on the countdown now. Exactly 24 hours ‘til my plane leaves from Cedar Rapids! I have my mile long to-do list before then, but enjoying it all! Stay tuned for a few more updates before then and all the juicy-stuff will be coming soon!
Until then...

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