Friday, July 20, 2007

China Update #2

Hey ya'll!!!
Just wanted to let you know that everything is going well... the kids left
today and it was soooo sad. We had an incredible week. I never thought
it would be this hard. Sorry, but I have fallen in love. (With China
that is.) :) I am loving everything from sleeping in a mosquito net,
bathing in repelent everyday, eating with chopsticks, the team, and
sweating like a hog all the time! (Wait, I don't love sweating. You just
get used to it, I mean.) I have never ever sweat this much.
This afternoon some of us took a cab and went to this little westernized
shopping place. We went to Starbucks and it was amazing how much it
reminds me of home. Then some of us went to this store called JennyLou's.
It's just like a regular grocery store. I stocked up on my comfort food
- - I know, I should be coming back skinny cuz we walked probably about
four or five miles a day, but my comfort food kinda makes up the
difference. It was really great after our very emotional afternoon. I
knew it would hurt when they left, but I didn't know it would be like
this. I don't think you can prepare for it anyway.
I have totally lost track of the days here, though I adjusted to the time
and everything very quickly. I miss you all... can't wait to see you
again. I miss America, though I totally am in love with China.
Guess I should go. Someone else needs to use the computer. Lovey, lovey love ya!!!


Anonymous said...

i am soo glad that it's almost time to come home:) i miss you and think of you all the time!!!
love you gracie

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhh! the waiting is killing me! can't wait to see you! i think about you alllllllllllll the time! *smile*


Anonymous said...

i think about you every day too! i love to pray for you in the morning when i wake up and at night when i go to sleep. i can hardly wait to hear your voice and see your face again. you left a big void in our family unit when you went to China. God has given me such a peace about your life. keep following hard after Him. you'll always be my little girl !!!

Love, Mom

Abi Maske said...

Hey Nic!
We can't wait to hear about all your fun adventures in china! I hope it has been wonderful steps on your walk with Jesus! God Bless you!
Love ya millions!

Anonymous said...

nicole, one more day:)
i will be counting down the hours minutes,seconds tell we see you:)
i love you,gracie

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see you walking down off that plane! your my best friend! can't wait to talk to you for HOURS!