Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Graduation

One of our bestest friends, Rachel Short, graduated from highschool this year.  Last night she had an awesome party at her house in Norwalk.  Mom, Tiff and I were so blessed to see her beautiful face and help her celebrate.  Here are a few pictures we took between laughes, hugs, and food.  
We love you Rachel!!!
They served the yummiest mint-chocolate brownies ever!!!
Rae & Tiff
One of Rachel's many adorable cousins who refused to have her picture taken.  
Every detail about the Shorts and their house is most amazingly beautiful!!!
Congrats to all the '08 grads... welcome to the ranks of us old 'gradutated-folks'!

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Anonymous said...

hey,great post! I hope you get your raise now.
Love you,