Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Growing in cuterness and cuterness...

There's been lots of really awesome pictures of the people I spend a lot of my time with on this awesome blog...  you should check it out.

Ok, ok, so un-original.  But Jared, Mandi and the kids are over at Rodney and Jodi's blog and since the little ones are growing so much and getting cuter everyday, I knew you want to see it! 

(In case you are wondering... I am always at Jared and Mandi's every Monday, with their kids Dawsyn, Grady and Sophie.  The first picture on the post is of Mandi's family... the two babies are her daughter, Sophie - on the right- with her cousin, Aravis... and then the next family is Jared, Mandi and their three way-too-cute-for-words-kids.  Enjoy!

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