Monday, June 30, 2008

What I Won't Miss

There are actually somethings that I am not going to miss at all while I'm gone. Such as the massive influx of bugs we have in Iowa this summer because of all the rain and standing water we have. Also i won't miss paying almost $4 a gallon for gas. Ok, ok. I know that this totally trivial... but I thought you all might like to know. *smile*

But you know what I will miss amongst many other things???
  • I'll miss eating supper with my family every night
  • I'll miss talking to my friend, Alyssa on the phone in that crazy accent we always talk in "Huwo?? How ah yoou? Gooood, gooood."
  • I'll miss watching Sophie lunge for me to hold her.
  • I'll miss telling my best friend "Thanks for everything" as we're falling asleep at night, just like we have for almost ten years.
  • I'll miss listening to my pastor preach the Bible like it is every Sunday.
  • I'll miss my little sisters telling me every little detail about their day.
  • I'll miss listening to my favorite Christian radio station.
  • I'll miss making brownies and licking the bowl.
  • I'll miss reading all your blogs and knowing what's going on in your lives.
  • I'll miss not being here to celebrate our country's birthday

Even though there are lots of things that I will miss while I am gone... there are so many things I look forward to. Like playing with kids all day, hugging my friend, Kayce, who I've been talking to for a year, but never met in person, eating with chopsticks everyday, talking to the college students about the Lord, seeing all my California friends who I've not seen for a year, going to a chinese wedding, and bartering at markets!

Please continue to keep me in your prayers... only two more days


The Great Excavation said...

Thats a pretty long list nic. I am really gonna miss you! I am very excited ta hear about you trip when you get back!!!!!!!
Love you, God bless

The Great Excavation said...

P.s Gooood, Gooood accent ;-)

Olivi said...

Oh no how will I survive without your comments???lol. I'll be praying for you while you're over there! Olivia

BTW: You really should take a big suit case to bring home an adorable Chinese girl!!!

~Tori~ said...

I'LL MISS YOU!!'s coming up already?? I will be praying for you!