Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Potty Training....

Rodney and Jodi are in Mexico all this week shooting a wedding, so I have the kids the entire week.  I decided last night that it's high time Alana is potty trained... I'm tired of changing diapers on a 27 month old... so this morning I stepped out onto unchartered waters and we're not lookin' back!  It should be a good surprise for mom and dad when they get home!  (And a good learning experience for me... it's hard to be a 'mom'!)
Anyway, the day has been going pretty good.  She's only had one accident and almost half a dozen successful trips to the potty chair.  I'm just praying to God that she gets it... 

The potty book that we've read about fifty-zillion times so far today!
We've been eating lots of salty snacks...
... which makes us drink lots of juice and pop!
Alana and Madeline her potty-training partner!
The coveted treats that reward every success!!!

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FiveGreers said...

You left a comment on our blog recently. You said you'll be going to China this summer? AND with someone in Oceanside? Too funny. We are currently living in Bonsall, right next to Oceanside, but have lived in Oceanside for roughly ten years. We may very well know the person you're going with, but you didn't leave their name. They aren't home-schoolers, by chance, are they?
AND, everyone in my family has been to China already except me. Where are you going to and why?
It will be interesting to find out, so please leave me another comment. I can give you our email address if you want to keep in further contact.
Blessings to you from sunny southern California!