Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Last-Last Day

Somehow we pr these kids lives have been touched this summer... all 300+ kids that came to camp in '08.
We know they won't forget... and we never will either.


The Chmelars said...

ahhh! how bitter sweet! my heart is bleeding for those kids but then again on the selfish side of me can't wait for you to be home. i've already told some people that i'm going to be MIA for acouple months after you get home! can't wat. these last eight days are going to be like eight years! love ya! tiff

The Great Excavation said...

That makes me sad... To see all the little children that in a few days have to go back to their orghanages or where ever else. I am so excited!!! Mickey=D

Anonymous said...


The pictures seem to have more meaning in black and white Those pictures are really awesome would look good enlarged and put on your wall at home God bless for the time you came spent with these kids and safe journey home

Chris's and Chris

artemis said...

how nice,,,,,
the picture is so nice
it shows the deeper
meaning in a moment........
God Bless