Sunday, August 10, 2008

M-n-M's & Fireworks

The store on campus that sells mnm's finally reopened today... and we bee-lined for the place to get our fill. You know you've been in China a long time when you think $.50 is too much for a tube of mnm's. It was so refreshing for the soul...

One thing I have grown to appreciate about China is the freedom they have to set off fireworks whenever they want. There was a store that opened close to the school and they started the morning off by setting off tons of firecracker around eight am. It sounded like the whole town was exploding. Later tonight, more fireworks were set off and we enjoyed them from the confines of the campus.

It's amazing how fireworks evokes patriotism in us whenever and wherever we see them. You should have heard us belting out the 'Star Spangled Banner' into the dark sky.
Good times, good times!


Anonymous said...

Hi still with you. I can see they will not be able to keep up on m&m's
I just love the pictures. Chris will be home tonight and he will love to see this Bless you


The Great Excavation said...

Hmm..... quite the combination!!! How funny. Sounds like a great time! Miss ya, Mikaela