Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pine Tree

Even though I didn't have buddies this week, there were a couple kids that I really was able to connect with... one of them being 'Pine Tree'.  (Don't ask me why, it's what his buddy called him.)  Pine Tree couldn't talk, but he was such a sweet boy.  When I had guard duty, he would come out with the other boys and sit beside us and watch us play cards.  On Thursday afternoon he started drawing things on my hand and then I had him draw in my journal.   When we watched a movie last night, he sat behind me, but held my hand.  Today at the water park he kept throwing buckets of water on my and we went down the slide together.  Even though he couldn't talk, it was so special to see the bond we developed in a few days.

I miss Pine Tree already, but will always remember his happy smile and wave!

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