Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Last of Our Weekend


It's been so much fun getting to know this precious family since they arrived here in China yesterday.  Their kids are adorable and they all have such servants' hearts.  We've found them to be such a huge asset to our team already!

Our chocolate pizza we had at lunch.

We added two of last week's volunteers to our staff team today.  Byron and Kyle are college friends of Adam's and they also are such servants.  It's fun to have them part of the staff team.  They were pretty excited to get their lanyards this afternoon.

... And did I mention 40+ kids came tonight and that we found out that another 40 who were suppose to come are NOT orphans?!  It's amazing how fast things change around here... minor details really.  So this means each volunteer will have only one buddy... amazingly enough, 60 kids are coming and we have exactly 60 volunteers.  

I will never get tired of watching G work!


Anonymous said...


Have read you blog from the beginning with anticipation each day Laughed and cried with things that have happened. I am glad the canadians have arrived or at least i hope . One of them is my son Chris M. You are awesome and bless you for all that you do.

Elizabeth M

The Great Excavation said...

Chocolate pizza? Was it completely chocolate? if it was, i bet you really liked it. Since you have a fetish for "midnight cravings". =) That is so funny how norman worked the 60 60 deal! Love you Nic, Mik

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!!
I know, I know! You think that I have forgotten you. Well, whatever they tell you, IT'S NOT TRUE!!!!!

I totally completly MISS U! I can't wait to hear all your stories!!! And tell you mine;-) And Tiff's......*grins evil grin*

I lub ooo!


Anonymous said...

lyssa i still love you but i'm liable to start throwing mud again if you do any of that story telling and evil grinning! :)

nic... e-mail me as soon as you get a chance! i know you read mine but you didn't respond. :(

this blogs killin me. i laugh my head off one day when i'm reading it and the next i'm ballin my eyes out! the stories of the kids tear me up. i took Dad to work the other day and i was telling him all about the story of pine tree and the other kids. we were just talking about how we don't understand how G could use just one week of love to make a differance in those kids life. we know He can do it. but in our pea size brains it's hard to understand. we both just started crying and praying out loud for all the orphans in china. we love those kids too! if you get a chance could you hug and kiss one of those little ones and tell them there's eight people back home in the US that love them too!

miss you like crazy dear!